The story behind a photo.



Last night at the AAJA-LA holiday party and silent photo auction I bid on a photo titled ‘Hammer’ and won. The photograph was shot by award winning photo journalist Francine Orr.


The photo has three distinct elements, a Hammer, feet and the ground.


There was no context for the who or why about the photo.  I was drawn in and I wanted to know the story of the photo.


Photos for artistic reasons are wonderful but photo journalism has a powerful purpose that art for art’s sake does not accomplish. It both illustrates a current news story, provides a powerful visual context and inspires questions about the political, social and economical present day issues.


I contacted the photographer Francine Orr on Twitter to ask her about which story the photo illustrated.


“Thank you. That photo was taken in Goma Congo. He was breaking apart cooled lava to use the stone to build a fence. It was part of a project on people living on a dollar a day.” - Francine Orr


The article below rovides further context for the photo that I’m proud to have won. The money raised through the sales of photos will the 2018 scholarship and internship opportunities for the Asian American Journalists Assoication Los Angeles chapter student members.


Mariko Lochridge

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