FILM REVIEW Seoul Searching : More 80s than the 80s it seeks to emulate

And at long, long last I have finally seen Benson Lee's 'Seoul Searching' a coming of age 'Saved By the Bell' meets 'The Outsiders' in a based on the true story of one Korean American kid (or two) kind of Korean diaspora docuCinefilm.  

According the the film's prologue after the Korean War many Koreans chose to leave their home country to raise their families abroad but as their descendants became less and less 'Korean' (extra emphasis on the air quotes) the government chose to fund summer camps for their lost generation of Korean-foreign misfits.  In a massive import of Korean kids the reverse student exchange program aimed to socially repatriate the children of Korea to strengthen their Korean identity.

Road Warrior : 5 Travel Tips for Packing Effectively

TSA opens my suitcase and sees a perfect Tetris puzzle of squares and rectangles and L-shaped Ziplocs fit together with no dead space gone to waste.  Fluffy room socks wrapped around voice recorders and a bag of XLR cables between layers of long-sleeve business shirts and fitted tank tops.

There's a lot I could say about packing, in particular for those transporting delicate equipment but I've narrowed my suggestions down to five go tos that effectively guide (or least keep from derailing) my packing process.

Career Day for Third Culture Kids : Speaking on Journalism and Mixed Identity

Career Day for Third Culture Kids : Speaking on Journalism and Mixed Identity

A lot of great questions during our Q&A but the one that stood out for me was a student asking how becoming a journalist affected my life.

I thought about it and told the class that when I first moved to Japan I couldn't speak any Japanese, I was very alienated and isolated at my 'regular' Japanese high school. When I entered Sophia University in Tokyo things did not get better, if anything they got worse. I was surround by 'perfect' bilinguals and developed a severe inferiority complex that really stunted my growth as a Japanese language speaker and as a Japanese citizen. It caused me to severely question my identity and tore apart any self-confidence I had remaining. 'Who am I?' 'Where do I belong?' - the usual late teens and early 20s angst compounding by acute feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

3 Year Anniversary - Video Journalism

3 Year Anniversary - Video Journalism

It is about to be 3 years since I first started at Reuters as a video journalist.

I had never even picked up a camera before they hired me and now I have filmed in three different countries. My material has been used on national TV programs and online news updates around the world. I have interviewed A-list celebrities, world leaders and the everyday Japanese salaryman.